The internet project INCOTEX Invest is managed and powered by the staff of the Incotex Management LP (Scotland, UK) - the London based real company, registered under the UK jurisdiction. The Incotex Management LP is not very big, but rapidly growing investment company, founded in 2012. During this period turnover increased from GBP 500,000 in the 2012 to GBP 5,350,000 in the 2016 (grown more than in 10 times). In the first quarter of 2017 turnover of financial operations was near GBP 1,850,000.

The turnover structure was the following:
50% - forex market;
20% - financial futures and options;
20% - marginal shares;
10% - other financial tools.

We work with large and famous brokerage houses based in New-York, Chicago and London.

Our professional and experienced staff get very good and stable result in money management activity. That is why we decided to open our service for small investors and begin providing this internet project. We have long term business plan and reserve it for purposes in our trading accounts funds in amount of GBP 100,000.

Strategic planning, economic forecasting, measurement of past and projected performance and asset valuations drive decisions related to asset disposal and acquisition, capital investment, operations and development.

We are looking for the mutually effective cooperation!

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